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Short film | "Routine" ​

Written, Directed and Produced by Aditi Mody 

Zena, an aging mother ushers her mentally handicapped 59 year old son Jamsheed through his regular routine. But, when a new day begins without her, Jamsheed struggles to stay on track and follow the Routine his mother so meticulously enforced. 


Cinematographer:  Jall Cowasji

Starring: Zena & Jamsheed Sorabjee

Festival Selection: Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF) 2020

Short film | "MA"

Written, Directed, Produced by Aditi Mody

Loss experienced through a child's imagination is sometimes the only way to grieve 


Cinematographer:  Lorena Duran

Editors: Aditi Mody and Brick (Steven Brickhouse)

Starring: Hetvi Bhanushali, Pravishi Das, Smita Jaykar

Screened at FILMI Festival (Toronto)  and New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF)

Short film | "BAD EGG"

Written, Directed by Aditi Mody| Produced by Hem Chander

When G decides to finally leave Mo this rainy morning, we understand that both of them are each other's Bad Egg.

Cinematographer: Lorena Duran

Starring Alexandra Zelman Doring, Samrat Chakrabarti

Screened at FILMI festival, Toronto

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